Nurturing innovation
in a fast-changing universe

Ixellion is a technology group that promotes ambitious and sustainable industrial programs in the transportation and construction sectors, based on innovative nano-structured materials and breakthrough technologies, from blueprint to end of life.

Ixellion by numbers

Total Asset

2,2 bn


2,0 bn

Share capital

1,023 bn

Ixellion Fields of activities

Ixellion aims to develop and industrialize innovative electric Motors/Generators based on proprietary technology and know-how on Soft Magnetic Composites.

Multifunctional proprietary materials with outstanding characteristics for the management of high temperature, sound and electromagnetic waves, with a number of  proven breakthrough applications in aeronautical, railway, automotive and construction industries.

Small scale, 0 km, sustainable waste-to-energy contributing to the implementation of a profitable business model that harmonizes materials end-of-life.


Technology Enhanced

Medium scale, indoor vertical farms based on aeroponics, the best evolution of soilless agriculture.

Research & Development:
Enviromental Impact Special Projects

Aggiungi qui il testo dell'intestazione

IXBrain AI Blockchain Technology

Ixellion has developed a proprietary blockchain connected to an artificial intelligence system capable of interconnecting all the systems, products and technologies developed by Ixellion. The system also allows the interconnection of all financial services, corporate action and management of the company and shareholders, who can access them through the Ixellion Gateway app.

Ixellion Waste-to-Energy
Ixellion Refarm
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