Nurturing innovation
in a fast-changing universe

Ixellion is a technology group that promotes ambitious and sustainable industrial programs in the transportation and construction sectors, based on innovative nano-structured materials and breakthrough technologies, from blueprint to end of life.

Ixellion by numbers

Total Asset

2,2 bn


2,0 bn

Share capital

1,023 bn

Fields of activities

Special projects


Technology Enhanced

Medium scale, indoor vertical farms based on aeroponics, the best evolution of soilless agriculture.

Research and Development

Everyday our R&D team is developing innovative solutions that will be applied in future Ixellion’s programs, from base research to prototyping and IP protection. In addition to continuous progress on materials’ development, two main disruptive R&D programs are on the go related to Electric Power & data Transmission and Aerodynamic Plasma.

Environmental Impact

We hold patents and know-how focused on the development of sustainable technologies for the welfare of our planet.