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New Generation Motors and Generators

The world’s demand for energy keeps growing. The main source of energy comes from fossil fuels, which are limited in quantity and are responsible for harmful emissions into the atmosphere. For this reason, governments decided to take action, leveraging on programs such as Horizon Europe to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Balancing of Energy

To reach these goals and ensure a balanced and lasting supply of energy while mitigating the effects of climate change, one of the first objective to be pursued is to improve the end-use energy efficiency of existing plants and equipment. Particular attention is given to analyzing and managing the consumption by electric motors, which are the largest users and consumers of electricity. Savings can be achieved both by modifying energy processes or by implementing new, more efficient, technologies.

Innovative Approach

Ixellion owns know-how for electric motor technologies, which have a variety of applications in the aeronautical and drone markets. Ixellion aims to develop and industrialize innovative electric motors and generators, based on Soft Magnetic Composites (SMC).

Ixellion InWheel Traction System

Innovative Materials to Improve Performances

Thanks to modern material technologies and careful design, Ixellion can build motors with higher efficiency than those already in use, which are subject to high losses of various kinds, such as magnetic losses in iron due to hysteresis and eddy currents;, losses due to the Joule effect. 

Ixellion can improve the efficiency of electric motors by using SMC in the form of newly designed powders made up of ferro magnetic iron granules coated with insulating film, which allow to substantially reduce the possible negative effects of the above-mentioned losses and greatly improve efficiency.

Ixellion also successfully completed the first assembly of an innovative permanent magnet generator and high efficiency Parallel Path Magnetic Technology motor which have been integrated into a single mechanism. The system will be applied on an In-Wheel technology for different applications.

In addition, all the housings of electric motors/generators and distribution boxes will be made using Ixellion patented materials.