Innovative Nano-Structured Composite Materials​

Ixellion Innovative Materials

Innovative Material Philosophy

Thanks to the wide range of their applications, composite materials are increasingly used in a wide range of industries. The use of composites has increased in aircraft as they are lightweight and have high mechanical properties while providing excellent resistance to fatigue. They are also ideal for use in construction because of their dimensional stability, high strength, reduced weight, impact resistance, low maintenance, and design flexibility. Mechanical strength, no corrosion and temperature stability make composites suitable for use in various end-use industries.

Revolutionary Materials

The most advantageous features of Ixellion’s proprietary composite solutions include molded surface finish, high mechanical strength, reduced weight and volume, fire and impact resistance, heat insulation, electromagnetic screening, low maintenance, design flexibility and electric conductivity management. The aerospace & defense segment accounts for the largest share in terms of value of the overall composites market. Ixellion is developing highly confidential programs in the aerospace sector based on innovative composite solutions. Small turbojet engines, new platforms and innovative components such as nacelles, bleed air ducts, fireproof structures, interiors are some of the main applications.

Aeronautical Service Research Center

Through Aeronautical Service, the group’s Advanced Research Center on Materials, Ixellion develops nano-structured composite materials using algorithms that generate high-quality solutions to optimize materials with specific characteristics. Ixellion is targeting three industries in particular: aerospace, rail and marine.

Lighter and Stronger

The savings in weight granted by composite materials make their use vital in the transportation industry, particularly in aerospace and rail. Environmental standards on greenhouse emissions, especially in North America, Europe and China, are the major driving factors behind the introduction of more lightweight and fuel-efficient vehicles. For example, Ixellion is developing the car body of a subway train that will be lighter, with reduced power consumption, gaining space on the inside albeit maintaining the same external bulk. 

Specialized Materials for Each Field

In ship manufacturing, the use of composite materials reduces weight, which means that more equipment can be installed without compromising on roll stability. Advanced composites, such as carbon, epoxy, and different foams are already used to make hulls, keels, decks, transverse frames, and rigs, in yachts and catamarans.

Advanced nano-structured composites can also be used to reduce radar interception. Ixellion has engineered a highly innovative fast patrol boat suitable to anti-piracy units: barely visible to radars and absolutely unique for its speed performance, this boat perfectly meets the requirements of the fast interceptors of the future.